HIESTAND Foodservice

HIESTAND – your ideal partner for oven-fresh baked goods in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry.

Oven freshness

Guaranteed oven freshness ensures maximum success: you can bake our bakery products quickly and easily in the quantities required and at the right time of day and serve them oven-fresh. This means that your guests can invariably enjoy delicious baked goods and you optimise your turnover and cost of goods, since your baking is demand-oriented and you minimise write-offs.


A wide range of roughly 120 bakery products – with something for every guest and opportunity:


  • Butter croissants and filled croissants in all sizes and varieties
  • Bread rolls, single variety or mixed – from soft texture Japanese style to original German bread rolls
  • Danishes in many shapes, sizes and heaps of irresistible fillings
  • Original bread loaves – from rustic Swiss bread specialities to the popular French baguette classics
  • Brezel – the beautiful heart shaped lye dough from Germany and other tasty lye specialties
  • Snacks (hot and cold) – from mini size to the famous Garlic Ciabatta bread